Intelligent Guidance to Ignite Creative Solutions. For Business. For Life.

ConnectionCode (2)

Powerful Guidance to Make a Positive Impact.

The Connection Code is an intelligent guidance system, created by Eventr founder, Sammy Simpson to uncover what resonates with deep power and a remarkable mission to maneuver successfully in the transforming world of today.

You can instantly apply the high-energy and awesome ideas generated by the Connection Code  to your own resolve and commitment for greater productivity and unprecedented flexibility to collaborate, co-create, interact and empower a richer experience in every moment.

Unlock the Connection Code. 

  1. To articulate the strongest power and communicate a unified mission through honesty and transparency to “get it” instantly in a simple way
  2. To next develop an powerful vision with a needed purpose to quantify connection and commerce with first in and actionable experiences
  3. To then implement relevant goals that extend to independent tactics that activate your originality with a focus, discipline and execution to optimize a positive outcome
  4. To effectively transform disparate entities and make a persuasive impact that is more emotional and human inside of the rapid pace moments happening now

The natural result will emerge with exceptional understanding and clear harmony for how to best guide the greatest strength and central mission with an external need and new opportunities to navigate forward in a imaginative way.

Intelligent Guidance to Ignite Creative Solutions. For Business. For Life.

  • For powerful meaning
  • For inspired organizations
  • For motivated people
  • For more creative applications

A deep singular focus provides the consistency that builds trust and unity across the large number of fields and connections today to create a new reality in always giving and receiving something extra as you take action in each moment.  You will quickly optimize problem solving and decision making as each individual’s own unique contributions allow them to participate in inventive ways with little or no interference for engagement.

The Connection Code changes beliefs and transforms the culture of business and life by leveraging the explicit truth to become what truly matters right now to thrive with an amplified experience of freedom, confidence and choice.