We are passionate about collaborating, co-creating, interacting and empowering people and partners through our intelligent guidance and creative solutions for business and life. Here are some examples that share the connection and demonstrate our mission through experience-based results.

Eventr works with people and companies by referral only. To inquire, please contact Sammy Simpson at (323) 393-5507, or follow on Twitter and Facebook Live to possibly discover him activating the Connection Code in a moment with a new person or group right now and close by.


Eventr Connects for People

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Eventr Connects for Business


In just one session with the Daily News Innovation Lab, Sammy and the team helped to identify what was resonating at the heart of the matter by using the Connection Code to successfully assist in not only communicating why the lab exists, but defining the deeper spirit to build a plan for success – all in a simple, but powerful statement that articulates what’s unique and expresses the opportunity for anyone to instantly connect and contribute in moving the mission forward through collaboration, co-creation, interactivity and empowerment at any moment.


Cyna Alderman also serves as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Daily News, L.P. and conceptualized the Daily News Innovation Lab after working on multiple start-up projects. She credits Sammy and the Connection Code in helping to build clarity and commitment for the Lab and shared this feedback with Eventr on how things are going so far.

Sammy:  Share the success the Daily News Innovation Lab has experienced in putting theConnection Code results to work in reaching out to the start up community.

Cyna: It has helped to solidify the original concept of starting an Innovation Lab that was focused on bringing in early-stage companies to work on projects that address media industry needs. I believed that having start ups and the entrepreneurs, working along side with the Daily News staff could benefit both sides through the experience with one another.

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Eventr Connects for Social

BookHeadShotDianaEventr’s Sammy Simpson came highly recommended to me through a mutual friend. Right from the start I explained to Sammy that I had no real interest in Social Media, mostly because I didn’t understand it (and secretly it scared me), but I had written a book and I needed to understand how to use social media to get better exposure. With great patience Sammy led me through the creative process, a process which was so much fun, I didn’t even realize how much I had grown to like it. Sammy helped me understand my product and gave me the confidence I needed to showcase it to the world starting with the centerpiece, the one statement that would sum up what my product was about. He walked me through my mission statement for the book as well as my personal mission statement. Then came a SWOT analysis to determine my strengths, weaknesses, oppositions, and threats. Words like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are no longer foreign to me and are now an integral part of my campaign. Thank you Sammy for holding my hand and making this process so pain-free! -DS Clark, Author

 Eventr Connects for Innovation

MMA Forum 2014: TD Ameritrade’s Francie Staub & Eventr Founder Sammy Simpson from MMA on Vimeo.

Daily News Innovation Lab pitches to start-ups at SwitchPitch. Eventr Founder, Sammy Simpson speaks at 5:16



Eventr Connects for Big Ideas

For The First Time Today is an idea created by Eventr Founder, Sammy Simpson to demonstrate the power of the Connection Code today. A simple, but remarkable mission to motivate and inspire by sharing the power of first time experiences.