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As an original Director of the New York Daily News’ Innovation Lab, Eventr Founder, Sammy Simpson worked with Managing Director, Cyna Alderman to uncover the Connection Code that would help create success for a goal aimed at engaging with the thriving New York startup community.

In just one session with the Daily News Innovation Lab, Sammy and the team helped to identify what was resonating at the heart of the matter by using the Connection Code to successfully assist the in not only communicating why the lab exists, but defining the deeper spirit to build a plan for success – all in a simple, but powerful statement that articulates what’s unique and expresses the opportunity for anyone to instantly connect and contribute in moving the mission forward through collaboration, co-creation, interactivity and empowerment at any moment.

The result was the Daily News Innovation Lab exists for itself and others to “Transform Media Together.” The centerpiece became the strong foundation on which to build a vision, goals and tactics for the organization to succeed.

cynaCyna Alderman also serves as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Daily News, L.P. and conceptualized the Daily News Innovation Lab after working on multiple start-up projects. She credits Sammy and the Connection Code in helping to build clarity and commitment for the Lab and shared this feedback with Eventr on how things are going so far.

Sammy:  Share the success the Daily News Innovation Lab has experienced in putting the Connection Code results to work in reaching out to the start up community.

Cyna: It has helped to solidify the original concept of starting an Innovation Lab that was focused on bringing in early-stage companies to work on projects that address media industry needs. I believed that having start ups and the entrepreneurs, working along side with the Daily News staff could benefit both sides through the experience with one another.

Sammy: How has “Transforming Media Together” benefited the purpose of doing a Lab for Daily News?

Cyna: This is where I think we’re seen the biggest impact.  In connecting the mission with a purpose for an actionable outcome, Lab members have become empowered and bring their individual passion and expertise to build larger goals and carry out powerful tactics to drive us forward. Lab Director David Park saw the opportunity for collaboration with events which lead us to start Conversations, a series focused on having open discussions on the changing new media landscape. Conversations feature panels with insights from the most respected news organizations to the newest disruptive publishers. Through conversations, we work to transform media together. A similar collaboration also happened when we participated in a Collab/Space event, which was a workshop where media companies got together to share their experiences around their internal innovation efforts.

Sammy: What possibility was created to interact with the Innovation Lab mission?

Cyna: In addition to the event projects mentioned, the Lab offers start up companies and entrepreneurs an opportunity to meet with our team through 15-minute feedback sessions that can be scheduled during office hours, and we are also currently developing an internal lunch and learn series.

Sammy: What other benefits are being developed as a way to co-create the mission with people and partners?

Cyna: I believe the strong passion around our mission has helped to recruit amazing advisors and mentors in addition to attracting partnerships with companies like Microsoft who continue to help the Lab expand and grow the mission in ways we have may have never thought possible at the beginning. The thing that’s most powerful here, for me in all of our success, is how all of these projects seem to build on the original “transform media together” mission statement, and that has continued to work for us as we expand the scope of what we want to do under the Lab umbrella.

We also recommend reading Cyna’s excellent blog on the experience of “How a Mission Statement Can Spark Innovation” by clicking here.

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